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Yes It Is

by Western Settings

RevHead 02:06
The worlds about to blow up, It's the end times. And all that I can think is it'd be nice if we could change it all but Ive been told its all owned by abrasive thuggish thieves. A random morning, a man walks up to another man letting him know He's better off with a care-free smile. "Anger" representing everything that I don't believe. We are happy, we are tired, we are filthy, we are hungry, we are dreaming, always dreaming, we are chasing, we are well on our way. "Anger" representing everything that I don't believe.
Its irrational thoughts that make the most sense to me. playing it safe never did a goddamn thing for anything, or you and me. Its a shame to think, we'll all end up in a shallow grave where the hours from 9 to 5 will dictate who we are, where we've been, and anything that we may feel. You will say that we have lost our minds, you never found yours. So you say your life is draining? You say that you feel you're going crazy? I'd say you're going smart. If death sentence jobs, a stable place, and rotting out is considered safe, I'll see you on the other side, yeah I’ll see you on the other side. You will say that we have lost our minds, you never found yours. I'm sick to death of feeling like I'm tied to a status quo.
Young wife, so serious, and for all the wrong reasons, and probably the wrong time. Detrimental, life impacting. Turn around and start over again. The deviant, so "fire" , full of passion, seemed great, a materialistic shitty fake. That gets old you know. That gets old and drains your soul. The rampage, a million, covered in dirty hot shame. Everyday an unfamiliar face. Reach down and touch the ground again, turn around and start over again. So hello new love, I'm gonna open my heart, I'm gonna open my mind, Im gonna open up.
San Antonio 02:57
I've been wearing this thing, this things been on my wrist for three weeks now and just like her life, its starting to fade away. A twisted braided mess thats stretching and cracking and probably wont stop till its fully destructed, I take her 10 versus my 27. And ask myself an obvious question, that probably has an obvious answer. Take her 10 versus my 27
If I came right here, and disappeared, do you think you could find me? Because I've been standing here, watching you, watching the way, you handle life. I guess we don't give a fuck about anything, were too tired to care. 10 year old kid, always dreaming big. Accomplish your hopes and goals. You're gonna change the world. Some point you fell asleep, so now we scream, wake up. Say goodbye to all rationality, when they ask just say "don't care" screaming always IM NOT FUCKING DEAD So you're lost, one day you'll be found, until then just raise your head, screaming always IM NOT FUCKING DEAD And if you catch me dragging head would you do me a favor, and try and come find me, and show me some tough love. And remind me how dumb it is to think its not ok. Because everything ok.
Bricks 00:43
Yes It Is 02:52
Sweating hands, body still shaking. Everyone will have you believe that they have the right answers. It's like, I could just leave here, forever never come back, start new start fresh, and do all those things that we should have. Gerladine, a raging mess from the start. Watched him kick watch him fall watch him bloody both of his knees. It's like, setllar inspiration. yeah right, you're pointing out the bad things, great job, screaming Im so tired of everything. Thanks for the advice, but Ill probably do my own thing. You gotta free your heart, run it on the inside, shake, bound outside. Hold your head high.
Goodbye --> 03:26
Old friend I cant stand this growing distance. I often revisit, those sad six months when our lives got twisted, got real, real good making the world disappear, a bottle and good company is all we needed. A phone call let you know I was back on the streets. You paid my rent and told me then that we would never speak of this again. the funny thing being is that the thing that mattered most was your head and your heart and consistency. Maybe another time and in another face, you'll find it all right there, the warmth and love you're scared, is gonna disappear. And in those hot, strange streets, you're gonna plant your world. And when those years have passed nothing will change. I guess we all go sometime.
Here comes summer again, that same repeated feeling, of broke hard attempts, and everything starts to break. Working twelve hour shifts, for a bill you'll never see. As your dreams start to fade, your heart still seems to beat. Black crushed lungs pull in air, and push out every word, you think you could feel, over and once again panic starts to set in, you start to realize, that you ended up, where you swore you'd never be. So let it out. Don't keep it in. Been running to long and no one wants to go out that way.
And now all of our eyes are seemingly sewn shut. The sunrise over the horizon. Maybe a little change is all we really need. Maybe a little push is what we really need. Existence is dulling. Everything will change, the writing on the wall wont mean a thing. We know the empty pain it always seems to bring. Nostalgia crushing everything. We find the comfort in the slicing of the stitch, peel open our eyes, letting the light flood in. Realizing is calming. Everything will change. The writing on the wall wont mean a thing.
Price tag get ahead and you know you cant help but think, ever since you spent your last earned dollar, on some shit that someone else said mattered. You'd lie overtime you got a penny in your books. Drained overtime you waled through that front door. The anxious feel that all came from it. Started up a little hatred of it. Modern think tank. The world is going down. And you know you cant help but think. That the human race is a fucking plague except for the people surrounding me. Zoomed in zoomed out. Forced smiles. I get it. And i think we knew this all along. And need some help to see. Hate everything for every reason you can make. Hate everyone, cold and fake. You hate the way that you hate all things. Starting to seem like its self inflicting. Modern think tank. The world is going down. And you know you cant help but think. That the human race is a fucking plague except for the people surrounding me. Zoomed in zoomed out. Forced smiles. I get it. And i think we knew this all along. And need some help to see that its all in our heads.


Written by Western Settings


released February 17, 2015

Western Settings is:
Ricky Schmidt - Vocals / Bass
Will Castro - Guitar
Adam Kissell - Drums
Dylan Wolters - Guitar

Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Forest at Double Time Studios.
Mastered by Patrick Hills at Earthtone.
Egg and Tambourine by Jeff Forest.
Back up on "Dying Without Children" by Jen Razavi of The Bombpops, recorded by Robbie Soukiasyan.
Album Art: Doom Toof
Album Photo: Will Castro


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La Escalera Records San Diego, California

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