Valleys & Shores

by From Scars

The Chord 03:01
Here we are In our place of gathering No one sitting in their pews On our feet as we all share our views Arm in arm and heads up high We're all glorified As we rush the pulpit, throats tied together in this chorus Our holy sacrament, our communion It isn't an action of praise It's our connection the only way that we know It's passing through from you to me and from me to you (From me to you, its passing through) Feet moving, hands up high When we share the stage we are all glorified We're a choir much like the ones we've criticized We're all glorified And we don't know why We're connected by the words that run deep and course through our veins everyday We have this fellowship because we share a common thread As we rush the pulpit A violent expression but we love it Our holy sacrament our communion It's passing through from you to me From me to you Embrace the moment we are the chord 'Cause we're all glorified By what we share tonight The understanding is the platform that's holding us high Glorified tonight
Empty Lungs 03:05
We'll cut through these states like a switchblade Probably run ourselves dry by the end of the night Empty lungs It's a labor of love We'll drown all our sorrows in whiskey Just like we've done over and over again But these wounds never hurt Waking up unable to speak I'm coming up for air, I've been dying to breathe These roads are empty but we're not alone You're always with us, you're our guiding ghosts And now we've got our brothers on every rung of the ladder To raise our glasses with Empty our lungs together When we get the chance To break the surface again We'll cherish every breath We'll cherish every fucking breath So we put our doubts aside Take our fears, set them afire Because we're purists, we're hopeless, we're roadsick We don't have time to stop and rest And when we get too deep Stuck in 40 hour weeks It's all that we have to keep us from suffocating Waking up unable to speak I'm coming up for air, I've been dying to breathe And it's a dead end road that we're driving down But we painted the tunnel on the bricks ourselves And if it's our last ride we'll have to give 'em hell Screaming, screaming our one last breath before we drown
Lifeblood 03:00
I swear I'll never waste another day Lost, asleep or slaving away What matters most when the door starts to close And the lights gone out is never losing hope If this mirror is lying to me I'm gonna break it to pieces The sink's already here to drain the blood out of my fingers I never wanted this so much in my life and for so long That it's taken over my mind I need a fucking cab back to the fork in the road 'Cause the direction I chose Left me wanting more And where am I now? Heading nowhere, daylight's fading Is it getting too late to drop the anchor? Where did my ambitions run off to? I can remember being 16, never dreamt of stability But now is it adolescence? Or is this what we should have always stuck to? We all know this phase is more than fiction And that our hope is more of an addiction This might be our chance to do what we always said we wanted We bask in normality We're so used to failing We've reached the breaking point Of choosing love over comfort Telling us it's more effort than it's worth To us, it doesn't matter It all adds up in the end All the sweat and blood we shed offers an escape
Behind these glass doors I've got nowhere to hide I need to get the fuck out locking everyone inside Bring me your fears, that's all I am to you 'Cause I'm dying to, I'm dying too It's bringing me down and breaking me down It's our endless burden Our time spent buying back our lives My sun is shining bright, my river's running dry I'm digging tracks but they're all blood soaked and my Apologies to those who just might cross my path Because my hate is all that lasts We work full time to live part time What a waste of our lives They rob us of our heartbeats And keep us locked inside
These windows look to thin to contain me I'd tear right through these walls if I had the strength I'm breaking free from these intangible chains And bracing myself for impact again This air is heavy and smells of apathy I feel this anger erupt inside of me And as I watch the sun burn through my mind I lose all sense of time This is the end of harmony This is the end of everything This is the start of better things through pain and suffering I watch as eyes ignite so bright Have you ever witnessed such a sight? This shadowy figure consumes my soul As my own eyes remain so dull The world around crumbles to my shoulders As the will to succeed grows colder and colder Existence questioned when pain becomes the answer I gotta get out, I don't stand a chance here
Locked Away 04:20
I see them socialize so casually But for me it's enough to drive me insane Dead-faced, my thoughts race and cripple me to my knees As if I had wrecked my ship, I'm lost out at sea Constant separation creating space And you only see what I want you to I built this wall with restricted view Reset the scales I'm questioning my value to all of you These days I'm set to self-destruct And as I throw away life's gold What could life hold for an introverted fool obsessed with control? I would give anything to not have to battle with this anxiety Why is it so hard for me to connect but for them it seems easy? But what if they're all just as scared Of living unseen in the shadows? This despair tightens its violent grip on me And I can't be the only one who feels safer when locked away We're more alike than I let myself believe For so long this insecurity has buried me
In search of something I've not known Please tell me I'm not alone How did this happen to us? Your lust outweighed our trust We can't choose sides This fissure separates us and divides the most sacred bonds in our lives What is this life without a solid base? But still I strive to piece it back together We can't just live like this forever We could get it right this time We could repair the ties I can't remember the last time I felt part of a perfect family In my mind I see Christmas with everyone there And no hostility We took our time to grieve now let's move on This has gone on far too long We've felt the impact of this conflict all along And it's not too late Look past the mistakes we've made We're still a family Why wait for tragedy to reach out to the ones you love? It seems so sad to me Finally our maturity lets us put all of this behind us No longer searching, I choose our side The issues now irrelevant and mistrust is now distant in our minds 'Cause in this life you'll never find a perfect family But I can try my best with mine


released January 14, 2014


all rights reserved



La Escalera Records San Diego, California

Without each other, we have nothing!!!

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