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Spare Change

by From Scars

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1987 02:23
We are the ones who have taken all their shit. From the bottom of the pile where we're forced to submit. And of course we're left to trust no one. You'd better hold public opinion Or face death or incarceration. No liberty's left where we're going. And I say it's not going to be long Till we're all under sedation. It's time we opened up our eyes And saw the blatant lies they say. It's out of control, And with the power in their hands this is the result. They'll try to restrain or detain, And if we never fight back then we never can complain. Frustration, The nation deserves a proper explanation For lives lost at the hand of your guns. We got to stay a community That's not numb to the violence that's happening. Don't forget that you've still got a choice. The only way they can silence you is if you choose not to use your voice. There's no way you can be silenced, we still have our voice.
Rust 03:27
Change, it's undeniable fate. The only constant we're all living with from day to day. Are we growing? Or are we slowing down? We've grown apart but is it even worth fighting about? Now I'm getting older, looking down, My feet are dragging through the dirt. And sometimes it seems I'm walking around in circles yet again. I just can't stop moving. No longer the same. Our differences that we can't explain. So for now we'll just chalk it up to rust I think we're losing touch with everything that you and once I knew. When I just write down the things that I remember, Never measuring successes from our failures. It's hard to get an honest perspective from a box of photographs Where innocence once lived. Now we're all living with a sense of knowing what's to come. Holding on to what we've learned and after all is done, Now uncertainty is what we see but we're moving on. No longer the same. Our differences that we can't explain. So for now we'll just chalk it up to rust I think we're losing touch with everything that you and I once knew. So for now we'll just chalk it up to rust. Everything went black when the fire burned through. Out of ashes we grew. I'll accept the blank page that's coming next. We're certain, we're sure, Because where our hearts are is where they always were. Safe beneath the surface where they always were.
Capable 02:14
I gotta change the way I live today. I gotta use my time here a little bit more wisely. If I never use my skills to their potential, The result will be consequential. A life wasted on earth is equal to not living at all. We are not so small, We are all capable of changing the world. No scale is small, All change affects us all. We are responsible for the well-being of future generations. Would you further their existence? Or be the cause of their damnation? We can't be paralyzed by our fear of demise. The face of opposition is a blessing in disguise. We've learned from mistakes, Learned the genuine from the fake, Been pushed to our limits but we will never break. No matter how high the stakes. We all have a purpose here on earth. We're all relevant don't discount your worth. Why put off 'til tomorrow what you could do today. Delay's a precursor to decay.
Kickstart 02:09
This is the song you always asked me to write Well, here it is. I hope you fucking choke on these words And with my feelings dealt, try and feel an ounce of what I felt. Kickstart I'm better than the others that you tried to keep undercover. I'm not the one at fault. Running from your responsibility, and left it with me. And don't ever expect a fucking apology. Without you I'm on tracks bound for the unknown, and it's beautiful. You're on the path, but losing footing It's straight ahead I'm looking. You're the kickstart I needed To put some purpose in this life I'm leading. This is the song I've always wanted to write, But it came out fucked up. Now these words, still new to me, They're setting me free.


released October 27, 2012

From Scars


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La Escalera Records San Diego, California

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