Everything You Ever Wanted

by The Loss

No Fences 03:04
If that’s what I get, you wasted your time with me. You can take this friendship to the curb. With meaningless song, your point takes to long. Your fucking machine didn’t kill a thing. And how pretentious can you be? We where a family. You simply walked away. And now you’re gone. With cocaine eyes and lack of truth between the lies. You used every person in the town to get to the top. Your honor had to stop, wasting all the dreams of other guys. How pretentious can you be? We where a family. You simply walked away. And now you’re gone. This is our city, this is our song. Just walk away. And if it wasn’t for liquor you had to blame, your actions still would be the same. It’s the fact a fucking friend could fucking act like this… Just walk away
Why does he come home from a long day? All he does is hit me and deny food. Yelling at nothing to calm his nerves. I’m coming back for you. We all the children of broken homes and we love ourselves. Only hoping that no one will ever know. It happens every day. Keep defending yourself with open hands. Keep an open heart to the world. Start to feel like a man and take a stand. Only he knows what to do. I have found the road from home is often paved with broken bones, friends we lost, and friendly foes. He’s taking matters into his own hands, he’s buying a gun so he can stand. He’s making decisions to end his life, this is not the only way. I have found the only one I love has taken his own life. God damn there’s so much blood. I ask why he spoke to no one?
These issues running through my head. I can’t help but make them feel like they’re my own. The bull shit that you went through, like life has lied to you. I wish I could make them my own, Just to know that you’re not alone. I’ve been a thousand places. I know your hopeless now. I’ve seen a thousand faces. Your families not around. There’s no reason to live, because your friends turned away. The fact is it’s bullshit and just be you. Love is a feeling not a preference and I hope everyone will understand this someday. But for now it’s ignorant assholes that do their best to take your rights away. I feel as people we’ve come far, don’t change my mind, learning to truly accept what people are. I’ll fight for equality and honesty, just because everyone deserves a family.
December 8th 02:41
Hey, I got nothing to say we just watched him drink his life away. Now here we are December 8th, a wooden box with his remains. You always said remember better days, we’re here again December 8th. With the calls and the letters I sent you, with no return. The anger in my heart grew until I learned. We just can’t chase these ghosts away, tomorrows always a better day. Tonight we drink ourselves to sleep, we’re here again December 8th. With the drinks and the beers we spilt, was in your name. And the way that it all happened, we’re not the same. Take back the things that I said, I can’t believe you’re dead. I’d give my life for it to be me.
The wind it blows so fucking cold. No money for a bus and his shoes they have holes. He puts it in his hand, the richer man, the money is all he knows. Flashes from a past life, 2 kids and wife, it’s something he does not know. This story has yet to be told, and it’s getting old. This loneliness is all he knows. These people aren’t his friends. They do not mend. Like crabs in a barrel. They take but never give. This live they live is the only thing they know. Hateful world we are the same. Hit for hit. A bastards name. Turn the cheek. We all deny. A bitter man still cries.
The Loss 01:57
When we’re on the road it’s all we got. I lost my job and everything between. I hope when I get home there’s something left for me. now I’m going to see where this takes me. You know that you can’t run away. There must be another way. Your memories haunt you everyday. You know that I didn’t run away. See you in hell. Is this what’s right for me? Are food stamps feeding me? Or will the road take it all from me? I don’t feel right back there, I need some scenery. Somehow I know that I will find my own way home.
Looking back, for what it’s worth. I was always busy drinking thinking about the things I never said. And It’ll be the same. And the hate, looking at these pictures breaking everyone before it even hits the ground. I guess I’ll stay the same. These endless lights, they shine so bright. We are the faces in the night, constantly waiting for some other time. But as I wait, understanding theres a problem and this whole thing is going to have to wait. I’m not to blame. So let’s drink! To the fact there is no “happy” and we’re lying just to get through all these days. We always stay the same. These endless lights, they shine so bright. We are the faces in the night, constantly waiting for some other time. And if I had even cared I’d still be sitting over there, slamming my fists into tables and yelling my own name. We are the friends we never had. So I have learned. We are the friends we never had. And the fact that it still remains, hoping for something but it always stays the same. Yeah it always stays the same, not that it matters but nothing can remain.


The loss is:
Jacob Bevan
Ian Reas
Benny Early
Mat Chandler
Shane Hassman

Location: Seattle, WA


released January 1, 2013

All songs by The Loss
Engineered and Mixed by Derek Moree
Mastered By: Nick Zampiello & Rob Gonnella at: New Alliance East
Album Artwork: Tyler Gibson, Doom Toof Design

Big thanks to Undefined, Success, Random Orbits, Poke Da Squid, Burn burn burn, The Hollowpoints, Cascabel, From Scars, Death By Stereo, The Shell Corporation, Amsterdam, The damage done, La Escalera Records, DIMPLE, Thomas Howson, Andy Emery, Ian Cheshire, Tyler Gibson, Adrien Way, El Corazon, The Kraken, The Bus Stop, tons of bands we’ve played with at home or on tour, the people that keep music alive, and our families, loved ones and pets. A very special thanks to Thomas Howson for moving to Canada, brother.

Rest in Peace our brother, friend, and 6th member of our band. Travis Leva. We love you and you will always be in our hearts.


all rights reserved



La Escalera Records San Diego, California

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