Heart Attacks

by Random Orbits



released June 12, 2012

Random Orbits


all rights reserved



La Escalera Records San Diego, California

Without each other, we have nothing!!!

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Track Name: The Gang Exploits A Miracle
It's not Murphy's Law, and Its not Karma.

It's not learning from all our past mistakes

The emotions we hide and the ones that we fake

I never saw how anyone could be so in love with you

what do I know of Love?

I've spent more nights alone that you will ever know

So who am I to judge?

and I don't know why we do this to ourselves

Repeating our mistakes, expecting different outcomes

we're not insane, I think we're just to hopefull

or scared.

You've taught me that I shut people out

because I'm embarrassed of my own self doubt

how do you go on through so much pain

knowing your problems wont go away

it takes strength I don't know

or weakness I'll never show
Track Name: Everything's Coming Up Millhouse
I can't fall asleep

I just lay here freaking out until I pass out or just go numb

Cuz these debts keep piling up it makes me want to throw up

just thinking of this god damn routine

and how hard it is to break, my biggest mistake

how many months how many years will pay this debt off?

I dream of faking my own death, getting the fuck out of here

a place like Montana, where the sky is big and clear

they say that you can't run from you're problems

but if they want me they can come and find

cuz I'm getting the fuck out of here.
Track Name: Fuck Fire
You can't burn down an idea a dream or inspriation

so let the fire blaze and let this loss not be our end

whats yet to be created will be my restoration

let the rythm lead each step until we find our way

thousands of shouting voices but I can only hear one

whispering in my ear telling me that I'm the only one

who knows whats best for me and don't just give up

when all fingers are pointing in different directions

sent spinning in ciricles with the best of intentions

I must see through the bullshit and follow my head

with eyes so far down the road tripping in holes

you already know

looking back now just feels so wrong must use my head

before its fucking gone

and still that voice rings in my head

anticipating what comes next with no remorse for what comes after

getting caught up in the world wont make the world spin faster
Track Name: A Weird Well Lighted Place
This hole isn't so deep,I think I can get out

I know that I let you down, but I could really use you're help

and if we make it out of here alive

I swear to God I'll kill that bastard or at least I'll try

and if my arms aren't met by yours

at least I wont fucking die alone

I can't really ask for more

I'm in over my head but hey at least we're eye to eye

Theres something funny about you can't deny

now all that I can do is smile

close my eyes await the trial

so whats it gonna be?
Track Name: In The Dreams I Can Remember
I've gone astray in this sea of constant doubt

the loss of the map sent me down a different route

when I look to the stars to find my way home

I find an absence of passion where ever I roam

and as the waves crash down as I row to the shore

I've got this lingering question why I try anymore

when it so easy to close my eyes and fall asleep

at the bottom of the ocean I'll find the answers that I seek

like why my heart is so tired, my lungs are too weak

and these negative words are all that I can speak

theres just no good reason and its tearing me apart

I'm so sick of searching and fucking tired of new starts

I think I see land off in the distance

I hope its not just in my head

Maybe its somewhere new and different

Maybe I'll just wake up in my bed

so sad that none of this was real

so lucid I can almost feel the waves on my face

Please understand why this dream is so beautiful

its enough for me to dive right in

I'll wake every day to chase you forever

you''re my horizon
Track Name: Ellensburg, WA
Its hard to grasp that love was all we ever needed
because we all wanted so much more for all of us
I use to have so many friends but now I count them on one hand
and hold them tight with the other
I’m not sure if my words could fix our problems only time and distance
matter now not our drifting
Haunted dreams and memories leave me wondering
haunted dreams and memories could things be different?
Haunted dreams of you and me and I’m so damn sorry
but this music is all I love
Standing at this crossroad and each directions looking bleak
there is no money in the path I seek
but still the city calls to me to leave these hills behind
to reinvent and try to find some new way to redefine
how I’ve spend the last 4 years of my life

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