Old Pain

by Western Settings

You're telling me everything's turning grey, nothing feels the same. Can't leave the bed, you gotta drink to put yourself to sleep. You're losing interest in the things you used to hold so close. Those fucking pills they put you on don't do a god damned thing. You're dancing on a stage with open holes. When you fall back in... There is a way we get around these days. When we feel like we feel nothin. You're numb, can you do anything to fix this? There's a way that we all get around these days when we feel like we don't feel nothing. I don't ever wanna be that someone to bring you down because I just can't cope when you're feeling numb oh yeah there ain't nothin. The world keeps spinning and spinning and spinning. You sit "Dead Sea" still.
Oh you know you're livin in a world where you don't trust the news. It's easier to shut it off and carry on and when comes to you deal with it then. There's angles on these angles. Ruffled feathers made me the best sock in town with googly eyes. Ruff me up, get me pissed, send me in right through a gate leading to just one end. There's angles on these angles. Just like a bad card trick game made out of you. They keep talking, I'm not listening.
Doctor wrote on paper every word you feared "schizo" damn them so you were. 20 years prescription, all misunderstood. Thought you'd try this free and clear. Say "her arts so beautiful" say "she's crazy stay away" People would stay three days. Depressed confused scared. Thrown away invaluable. Dried your eyes on paper, every word and tear. Save your enemies.
Swells 01:13
Old Pain 02:23
I've been dreaming again about everything that's in my past. All at once all together raising that familiar question. What I haven't done, all the things that I should have. Drowned and buried by the years only to be drug back now. Bringing to life a pain of a million mistakes. Bringing to life this old pain to be brought by a million more. I've been dreaming again about everything that's in my past. A God damned movie on repeat. The good times and the bad. All the people and close ties. How you lived and you loved them. Have that same cyclic factor just rip them back out. Yeah. When the things that you have been and places abandoned and the people that you've loved come crashing back down on you.
Duncan 03:00
Started questioning every little thing. Weighing the worth against the grain. It's been a sad long night of doing the same old things I had a voice in my head where you sat bold, scattered, bright and blue. Searching for a word to comfort the concern. I saw truth beaming from your face. Crooked smile gaze. This disposition. So sure its cerebral, so sure its not real. Ignoring the fact you've not seen through one single thing and now you're just sure that you're not sure and asking what to do.


"Old Pain" EP is available through these outlets:
La Escalera Records - Digital / CD
Creator Destructor - 10" vinyl


released April 15, 2016

Music/Lyrics written by: Western Settings
Produced by: Tyson "Chicken" Annicharico
Recorded by: Ian MacGregor (Black Watch Sound)
Recorded at: Kingsize Soundlabs
Mastered by: Pete Lyman (Infrasonic Sound)
Release Date : April 2016


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