Back Aching for the Lash

from by Gentlemen Prefer Blood



I’ll hear about them every now and then. Wastes of time with no rules to follow. Every single time they’re coming right after me.
And when they told me that they’re figured out, My innards churn with a loss of self doubt. Every single time it gets the best of me.
Feeling safe in a coded cave. Sounded out in a foggy haze. No one feels that small. Turned around to spot again another brain dead tourniquet. No one limps that long.
After time trips took a break, the laughter died cuz we all stopped breathing. Every single sound was coming right from me. I told them once I got a friend who’s big and strong with a messed up knee and every single time he never gets to me.
Then that casket breaks. Keeping all those broken bones. Telling truths and tales. Keeping all the bad words safe from harm. So they wait outside.


from Used Books and Guns, released April 7, 2015



all rights reserved


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